Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Raspberries and Hanging Baskets

'wittle' Hanging Houseplants in Production


What does a raspberry have to do with a hanging basket?


            Since I like red raspberries, I buy them often.  You can get them almost every week of the year.  How can they do that?


            Natural grown raspberries give one-two crops a year.  Eat all you can, then wait till next year.


            All the supermarket red raspberries that I’ve eaten are brought to you by Driscoll’s {all we do is berries}, the apparent dominant brand in berries.


            How does a minor brand exist?  You don’t care about Driscoll unless you care about berries.  Then if you’re going to buy a berry, may as well buy a Driscoll --- they’ve been good in the past.  Besides, you don’t know of any other brands.


            Can houseplant hanging baskets be dominated by ‘wittle’ Hanging Houseplants originated by Gary’s Specialty Plants?


            What are the parallels?  Minor product with no established brand name.  The brand name could be promoted in reverse.  You see the ‘wittle’ hanging houseplant, then notice the brand you never heard of.  The next time you want a small hanging basket you look for ‘wittle’.


            If it works for raspberries, it can work for hanging houseplants.

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