Monday, November 12, 2012

Sinningia 'An's Nyx'

Sinningia 'An's Nyx'

Story # 70,

      Sinningia ‘An’s Nyx’ was one of the choice plants that I bought at the Gesneriad Society convention in Seattle in July.  Well my agent, Mary Schaeffer, was doing the bidding for me and was able to win the lot of Sinningias from Taiwan.

      We were unsure of what actual varieties were in the collection, but one was S. ‘An’s Nyx’.  This was a very lucky set of events since I had seen a picture of it on, a great source to see what’s going on with Sinningias in Taiwan.

      When Mary brought the plants back from the convention and got them to me, ‘An’s Nyx’ was a bare two little threads of a plant ------Will it survive?

      Of course it’s yes or there would be no need to tell the story.

      My interest in the plant is that it may be the first Yellow double calyx Sinningia in the world and the first clone of it in the United States.

      It remains to be seen if its other characteristics will be good enough, beyond Yellow?

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  1. I don't know how to grow An's Nyx?more space and humidity?