Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Comments from the Springfield AVS Show and Sale

Primulina 'Hisako' grown by Barbara Jones
Story # 156,

Comments from the Springfield African Violet Show and Sale

            “My Violets die.  My Primulinas live on!
                        Asian Violets are good for gardeners who don’t have consistent watering habits.
                                    I’ve had my Primulina ‘Hisako’ for nine years!”

*** Pam, ----- Skilled African Violet club member who’s converting to Asian Violets.***

From a passing plant sale customer looking over the ‘Mini’ plants for Miniature Gardens.

“So fun!”

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  1. Thwsw primulinas are so irresistible that I want to start a collection in Mumbai where Episceas and African Violets thrive. Where do we get their seeds?