Monday, May 18, 2015

This is going to happen!

Primulina 'Tan Muscular Man' - Hybrid by The Gesneriad Conservation Center of China

Story # 158,

     This is going to happen!

            Asian Violets will become a common flowering houseplant!

            Newly discovered Primulina species in China will provide a varied gene pool with many colors and flower shapes that will give a base to build infinite future flower types.

       The stage now... 

            Interesting patterned foliage on a durable houseplant will bring Primulinas into consciousness and the flowering will follow.

        Who will do this?

            The Gesneriad Conservation Center of China is collecting species and making the F1 hybrids.  Their interest is Botany.  But, The World wants pretty plants.

            Someone in the United States will need to acquire all the species and breed for rapid flowering, sturdy plants. The hundreds of species will allow a variety of flower colors, shapes and sizes to please every gardener.

                      Asian Violets are going to happen!


  1. Replies
    1. For now, gardeners are learning that Primulina is a surviving foliage houseplant with rare flowering. If hobbyists can get access to the new species being found in China, progress will be made with better flowering.