Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Mosquito is an Endangered Species.-- O. T.

Make mosquitoes extinct

The mosquito is an endangered species.

            This should be the World headlines.

            Why can’t we eradicate mosquitoes from the face of the earth?  Mosquitoes transmit diseases that bring death and disability.  They have no redeeming qualities.

            Species are saved by environmental outcry.  Let’s do the opposite and find a way to make mosquitoes extinct.


  1. Well… there are whole food webs built around mosquitoes. Many other, more "valuable" species (birds and bats, for example) would go extinct as well.

  2. Yes, there may be unintended consequences of eradicating mosquitoes, but I think that it is worth the risk. A discussion of this is available from the MIT Technology Review-Title: The Extinction Invention, April 13, 2016.
    My concern is for the ‘higher’ animal--- Humans.
    Birds and bats are adaptive; they will find something else to eat.

  3. Male mosquitoes are pollinators