Monday, September 4, 2017

Constant Exposure Makes Hits!

Primulina 'Loki' -  Hybridized and Grown by Peter Shalit

Constant exposure makes hits. 

I’m reading the book, Hit Makers by Derek Thompson which main theme is to make a song popular, you must play it over and over until everybody likes it.  This trick has been known for years, which is why record companies paid radio stations to play songs----Payola.

            The author argues that we humans seek the ‘New’ but we buy the ‘Familiar’.  The best strategy is to relate the new to the old.  My tag line is perfect:  ‘Asian violets are like African Violets, but better!’

            How many times must you see Asian Violets to feel like you know about them?

            First, buy one, grow it.  Tell your friends--- Over and over until everybody likes it.


  1. I was very surprised to see a nice display of Deinstigma tamiana (labeled as "Miniature Primulinas") for sale at my local grocery store last week. I couldn't see any labeling to identify where they were from, but they appeared to be well grown little plants. They were in bloom and selling for $4.99 each.

  2. Good to know that interesting plants are being distributed.
    Deinstigma tamiana is easier to flower than Primulina but the plant is not as tough. It leans toward African Violet leaf softness.

  3. They had another big bunch of them this week. I'd love to know where they're getting them from...

  4. Plants in grocery stores mostly come through the produce manager. Maybe you can ask him.