Sunday, November 19, 2017

There's a new Frosted Jade in town...

Primulina yungfuensis - Original Frosted Jade
There is much interest in the species Primulina yungfuensis, first shown and distributed by Jim Roberts.  It has distinctive variegated foliage and I’ve proposed a marketing common name of ‘Frosted Jade’.

            Once I got stock established, I have propagated hundreds.  Its only weakness is brittleness --- its leaves want to snap off.  I think that it could be a stand-alone plant, promoted as Frosted Jade.

            Awhile back, I noticed a different leaf pattern----a mutation in the population of yungfuensis.  It has much more silver and is distinctively different from the original clone.

            I’ve propagated these leaves to prove that it is stable.  Once I have a group to test, I can decide about naming and possible release.

            A new Frosted Jade…

Primulina yungfuensis- New clone from vegetative mutation


  1. That new clone is very attractive!

  2. The leaf pattern and color is very different from any other Primulina I've seen. I have leaves rooted but no plants yet. When we have plantlets grown as single crown, we will be able to see how it might look.