Sunday, November 25, 2018

What's the cultivar name going to be?

String of Hearts - Pink

            The trend for Strings of Things has been hard to detect.  For commercial houseplant growers who are paying attention and believe that there is demand here, the problem is limited plant material --- major propagators don’t have much available.

            String of Peas has a chance.  There are cuttings available from succulent propagators.  For others like String of Bananas, String of Beads or the elusive String of Dolphins, you are on your own to maintain your own stock plants.

            String of Hearts, the green version, is sought after but difficult to grow enough.

            With all these difficulties, why worry about the pink version of String of Hearts?

            It is a sturdy plant but grows exceeding slow due to pink variegation.  It’s going to be worth the effort, so we need a good name.

            Having found no established cultivar name, I declare that it should be ‘Pretty Pink’.

            Pretty has the double meaning of “mostly”, “pretty-much” and Pretty as in “beautiful”, “good-looking”.

            I propose Ceropegia woodii ‘Pretty Pink’.

Ceropegia woodii 'Pretty Pink'


  1. Do you know how many cultivars there are please, I have the green, then green with pink back and stems, want to get pretty pink to and basically or other varieties as Im a bit obsessed but I can't seem to find much info, on how many/names. Thank you

  2. The only two clones that I've seen are the green species --- Ceropegia woodii or the pink version --- 'Pretty Pink'.
    Occasionally, I see leaves that are half green, half pink. but these are not stable and grow into green. I've seen all white leaves but these cannot be propagated. With no green chlorophyll the cutting cannot live.

    So, for now, two types.