Saturday, March 9, 2019

Note: This is not a political question, O. T.

Some ideas don't work

I buy Succulents from Mexico through a U. S. broker who has established a big business importing unrooted cuttings.

If there would be a tariff (tax) imposed by President Trump on this product, say, $1 Dollar per plant,  the idea is that production would return to the U.S. southern states.  The actual result would be that any U.S. grower who would enter the succulent market would charge the same as the imported plant plus the tariff dollar.

The law of unintended consequences would make your favorite succulent cost too much, you will stop buying and the booming succulent market will collapse.

Fortunately, horticulture is a minor industry, so it has been ignored by the tariff imposers.

Free international trade allows for low cost plants to be enjoyed by all.  Don’t let the President tell you that tariffs are helping U. S. business.

If tariffs were added to the price of plants, it would cripple us.

Tariffs are counter-productive, un-American and stupid.  President Trump is wrong to go against practical economics.

The next President will return sanity to free enterprise by abandoning all tariffs.

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