Sunday, August 9, 2020

Doomsday Update

We're going to be alright 

Doomsday update.

            On March 15, when the United States shut down, I didn’t think that we would ever sell another plant.
            The Horticulture industry was panicked.  With Spring plant sales in jeopardy, it was easy to predict bankruptcy ahead.

            But retail sales started to open up and doomsday was averted.

            The pent-up demand overwhelmed garden centers and most recorded extra high sales.

            What happened to us?

            We had several eCommerce customers who suddenly found themselves with double the orders.  Indoor gardeners were trapped at home.  Hey, “Let’s order a plant.  UPS will bring it to my house.”

            We have had difficulty growing enough plants to catch up.

            No one could have predicted this year’s events.  No one knows how to predict what’s next??

            If I continue the baseball metaphor, now I’m winning 46-23.  Impossible, unlikely game?



  1. I was elated to find out that your plants are now at London Bridge Greenhouse in Virginia Beach! That pickle plant was the coolest! Thank goodness but the silver lining from this pandemic has made people stop and pause and take time for things like gardening in plants and family. Take care Gary I have lots more plants to harvest from your selection lots of great new stuff I see. Your friend in Virginia Beach Joyce Marie!

  2. Joyce-Marie,

    I'm glad that you are buying my plants at London Bridge Greenhouse. House plants were booming before the virus and now demand is skyrockets.

    Tell your friends. Plants are fun to learn about. Thanks Gary