Friday, July 27, 2012

Not a Sinningia in Sight!

Story # 43,

 Not a Sinningia in sight.

      One of my missions each year at the OFA international horticultural trade show is to look for any Sinningias that are entering the market.  Once again------- there are none.  The exception is a line of Gloxinias shown as new varieties.

      But we call them Gloxinias not their botanical name of Sinningia speciosa.  I’m looking for compact or miniature Sinningias like I am producing.

      So what does this mean?

      There are none because nobody wants them or nobody has produced them to find out if anybody wants them.

      Horticulture thrives on the new and unusual, but Geraniums and Petunias pay the bills.  Commercial horticulture has been really slammed by the depressed economy.  Growers are very cautious about trying new stuff until the sales increase over the mess we are in.

      Sinningias are flowering houseplants.  The sales will be there once the supply is increased.

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