Saturday, January 26, 2019

Which are you?, O. T.

Just My Opinion

                                   Those who can, Do !
                                   Those who can’t, Criticize !

            There is a saying for everything.  I like sayings that apply.  It helps simplify the situation.

            Since I stopped watching TV news years ago, my life got better.  Bad news sells better than good news, so that’s what you get.  Bad News – Repeated.

            I keep up with what is happening in the world through internet news aggregators.  I look at several, so maybe by taking the average of the slant of the stories, I can get a reasonable impression of the facts.

            Many opinion pieces allow comments which I look at to help frame the topic. Now, I think that I will stop doing that.

            Random comments bring out the worst.  There are people with their own agenda, argue without fact. (They are welcome to start their own blog).  There is name calling which poisons any good argument.  There are internal cat-fights between screen names who have established their personalities or may even know each other.

Someone who is a professional news writer, who has the filter of an editor and who protects their reputation, does not need kibitzers criticizing them.  Thoughtful comments could be helpful if well-reasoned. However, thinkers who are capable of that, learn not to waste their time, because they get sniped at, as well.

Random comments serve no purpose to improve understanding of a public question.  I will stop reading them.  My life will be better.