Saturday, September 3, 2016

Anthuriums are positioned wrong

Anthurium 'Small Talk' Pink
            Very few flowering plants are sold commercially without flowers.  In fact, the production goal is to induce flowering as quickly as possible and sell them at their peak color.  ---- Cyclamen, Chrysanthemum, or Poinsettia would not sell without full color.

            Anthuriums want to be flowering plants but they take a long time which makes them cost more.  What if they were positioned as a durable foliage plant with shiny heart shaped leaves which may flower occasionally. 

            Lower expectations for flowering because that’s what happens anyway.  Anthuriums are just as pretty as Philodendron and can serve as tough low light foliage plants.

            One of the most recognizable common plant names is the Lipstick Plant (Aeschynanthus).  Flowering is unpredictable but many indoor gardeners will keep them for years in the hope of an occasional burst of red flowers.

            That’s where we’re at on Asian Violets(Primulina), also.  Be happy when it flowers.

            Anthurium hybridizers will strive for flowers but foliage will carry them.