Monday, April 15, 2013

Blue Job's Tears - 'Mini' Plants for Miniature Gardens

Blue Job's Tears - Pilea glauca

Second in a series,

Common name:  Blue Job’s Tears

Botanical name:  Pilea glauca

  Why would you want it?

      Blue Job’s tears is a popular plant for mixed planters, terrariums and Miniature Gardens.  The blue leaves give interesting contrast to other green foliage.

What is its best feature?

     It is a fast growing spreading plant with decorative blue green leaves.  It self-branches.

How would you grow it? 

      It will trail out over a pot and survives some drying out between waterings.  It can take full sun but does well in less light as a house plant.

What would you do with it in a Miniature Garden?    

     Blue Job’s tears is one of the best groundcover plants.  It will fill in an area and spill over the edge of your container.  Trim to shape as necessary.


  1. Where can be buy this plant.

  2. Our customers are listed to the right, if you are in the Northeast. Also many Garden Centers sell Blue Job's Tears in the Spring as an annual for mixed planters. There are mail order plant sellers who have it.