Sunday, May 12, 2013

It could be better...

Nematanthus australis - First Flower

Story # 102,

It could be better…

      Finally I have a flower after waiting for months for buds and then the first flower on Nematanthus australis.  It’s very nice---- a bright yellow pouch-like, guppy-like flower. 

     There are now many buds with reddish calyx and the plant will look great when they open on the multi-branched plant.

      This will be a saleable plant if it is picked for production.  But, it could be better…

      As speculated before, it could be worth the effort to cross N. australis with N. gregarius or N. ‘Cheerio’.

      Nematanthus ‘Cheerio’ is the best Nematanthus hybrid with shiny leaves and candy corn flowers.  The new goal would be shiny leaves with candy-corn flowers without the orange---- yellow guppy flowers.

      So why not be happy with what we have?

      There is always room for the ‘New’.  I’m guessing that a ‘Cheerio’ plant with yellow flowers would be a hit.

      No one will know until we have one.

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