Monday, February 10, 2014

When can we have water everywhere we want it?

Water when we want it
Story # 126,  O. T.

            The question to the economist was: ‘With the drought in Southern California, will we have to decrease immigration?’, implying that there isn’t enough water for all the people.

            The brilliant answer by Bryan Caplan  was ‘No, just raise the price of water’

            My idea to drain the Ocean, converting salt water to fresh water and pumping it inland can solve water shortages.  The reason it hasn’t happened is because water is often free or distributed at a very low cost.

            Consider if water was equal to gasoline in scarcity and demand, there would not be any water rationing during droughts.

            If water was four dollars a gallon, there would be an infrastructure for water equal to a gas station on every corner and water would not be in short supply.

            If in California, Agriculture uses 80% of the water and water prices go up to insure supply, then Strawberries will cost more but crop failure from drought will not happen.

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