Sunday, August 31, 2014

Do you bid on 'A hope and a promise'?

Streptocarpus 'Fred's Moon Lines' (Bellairs) grown by Dale Martens

Parents of 'Fred's Yellow Ice' and 'Fred's Moon Lines'
Story # 131,

            I went to the Gesneriad Society National Convention in Nashville to show Sinningia ‘Li’l Georgie’ and came home with a new Streptocarpus.

            Thankful to be judged with the Best Commercial Display, it was worth the effort to show multiple ways S. ‘Li’l Georgie’ can be used in Terrariums and Miniature Gardens.

            The hobbyists who show at Convention are true experts in the culture and hybridization of these infinitely diverse plants.  There was a new Streptocarpus in the silent auction grown and donated by Dale Martens, the genius leader of the Gesneriad Hybridizers Association.

            The hybrid, S. ‘Fred’s Yellow Ice’ was in the judged flower show and the entry card showed the hybridizer as Fred Bellairs in Michigan.  The parents of S.  ’Fred’s Yellow Ice’ are S. ‘Keigetsu’ (K. Hirose) and S. ‘Fashion Statement’ (D. Thompson).

            The plant for sale was muti-flowered with large crisp flowers and distinctive line markings.  I’ve grown S. ‘Keigetsu’ and know it to be a strong plant, while the pollen parent was an unknown.  Maybe it’s worth taking a chance.

            The silent auction is a way to donate money and get something that you want.  I was successful in the bidding but had to pay $130 to get it.

            Will my prize be a good one?  One strategy in hybridizing is simply cross the best with the best and hope for the best.

             Streptocarpus ‘Fred’s Yellow Ice’ has flowered all summer.  Some leaves have rooted and may be salable by Christmas.

            ‘Fred’s Yellow Ice’ is a very nice selection by Fred Bellairs and has a nice story to go with it.  Thank you to Dale Martens for introducing it.

Streptocarpus ''Fred's Yellow Ice' (Bellairs) grown by Dale Martens - Nashville 2014

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