Tuesday, May 19, 2015

10+ Things that you should know about Primulinas & 'Mini' Plants and other Specialty Plants!

Primulina 'Loki' - Peter Shalit's hybrid that showed the potential of Asian Violets!

            This blog started three years ago.  And the business, Gary’s Specialty Plants, will soon start into the fifth year.  Demand for ‘Mini’ plants for Miniature Gardens has doubled each year and Primulinas are in the mix.

            Success has come from the insatiable interest in small plants by indoor gardeners.  Every Independent Garden Center that features a ‘Mini’ plant department finds that it works.

            Longwood Gardens Plant Shop, my lead customer, has proven that hundreds per week will be bought by guests who are happy to find interesting small houseplants.

            Other upscale Garden Centers like our wide assortment of ‘Mini’ plants and our ‘Unscrambled’ local delivery system.

            I’ve scaled down Streptocarpus and Sinningias and scaled up Primulinas and ‘Mini’ plants (6.5 cm pots).

            This third blog anniversary is the time to reflect on what’s working.  I only need to quote my customer who sells at weekend events.

            …people love these mini plants!  Crazy isn’t it!”

              Dianne, Tansy Meadows Garden Shop, Strasburg, PA

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