Tuesday, February 9, 2016

'Eyelash' Begonia Propagation

Begonia 'Chicago Fire'
              I always get questions about plant culture and propagation.  Here is a detailed guide for propagating Begonias by John Boggan.
            John has a Begonia hybridizing project with the goal of a decorative winter hardy Begonia.  If you are not following his progress, you should.


  1. Gary, thanks for sharing my blog post. I do have a quibble: "eyelash" begonia refers to a particular group of rhizomatous begonias, derived from several Central American species like B. bowerae, that have hairs along the edge of the leaf, looking a bit like eyelashes. This term does not apply to most rhizomatous begonias (or any of the Old World begonias, including the rex group). Here's an example showing the "eyelashes": http://calphotos.berkeley.edu/imgs/512x768/0000_0000/0912/0676.jpeg

  2. John,

    What would be the correct descriptive term for the leaf you show in your propagation story?

    1. The begonias in my blog post are rex begonias but this technique should work with just about any rhizomatous begonia (including the "eyelash" types).