Sunday, February 2, 2020

An Asian Violet, a windowsill, a flower...

Primulina ''Xuan's Party Dress'

There are many casual houseplant lovers.  Maybe they are 95% of the indoor plant owners who have a few plants.  There are 5% who really care and look for the new trendy plants and know their names.  Within that group are .01% who are dedicated hobbyists who support hobby societies and study the plant world.

Commercial growers want to attract the 95% who like the ‘tried and true’ ---- Spider plants, snake plants and Philodendron.  The national mail order brand, The Sill, announced that their top selling houseplant for 2019 was Pothos.  Why?  Because it lives.

What if that ‘sure thing’ list included Asian Violets?  The pictured plants are Primulina ‘Xuan Party Dress’, an interesting new hybrid from China with a very different all silver leaf.  It lives on my kitchen windowsill and has decided to flower.

Seth Godin and others who promote ‘Word of Mouth’ marketing, keep it simple.  You must have something to talk about before it works.  If I were a causal plant grower, I would tell a friend that my Asian Violet is gong to flower, all by itself.

And I have.

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