Thursday, June 18, 2020

What's going on with String of Hearts?

String of Hearts 'Pretty Pink'

What’s going on with String of Hearts?

String of Hearts is number 6 of our top selling plants for 2019.  It would have been much higher on the list if we could have had more to sell.  Our offshore propagators are only beginning to have stable numbers.

            This last week we put 900 2.5” pots on the availability list.  They’re gone.  Why?

            String of Hearts (Ceropegia woodii) has a lot going for it.  It is an easy houseplant to keep alive and therefore, sought after.

            It grows quickly with warm, long days of summer.  It can be dry without harm and thrives on neglect.  If rooted in small pots, it takes up little space and will trail down with heart shaped leaves.

            There are three clones to pick from.  Traditional silver and green, heart shaped leaves, is the most common.  A solid silver leaf, ‘Silver Glory’, is very attractive but still carries a high price due to limited supply.  Since it is just as vigorous as the green/silver clone, it will show up at your plant store soon.

            The pink version is in a class by itself.  I don’t think the supply will ever catch up with the demand.  String of Hearts ’Pretty Pink’ has stable pink variegation but grows slowly.

            My previous blog stories about String of Hearts have attracted above average page views.  A lot of people want to know about String of Hearts.  Again.  Why?


  1. Houseplants are blowing up right now during Covid. The Facebook groups I have been a part of have had a sudden influx of new members and prices have gone sky high as a result. String of hearts has been a popular seller and philodendron pink princess has, in some cases, tripled in price. Pink plants on Instagram have been quite popular. Based on my casual observations, social media has been a big driver.

  2. Thank you for your observations. I try to avoid social media but know that it is a driver of plant interest.

    We will have a group of 1800 String of Hearts- regular green/silver in 5 weeks. Will see if they sell out in a week?