Saturday, October 13, 2012

Slipper Gloxinias are more interesting!

Sinningia 'Pristine' grown by Jon Lindstrom
Story # 63,

     Slipper Gloxinias are more interesting!

      Gloxinias (Sinningia speciosa) come in three flower shapes ----single bell, double bell and slipper.

      For years the most common was single upright bell in red, white, purple, bicolor speckled or ruffled.  When double flowered were hybridized the supply was limited because the seed lines were difficult and unstable.  Tissue culture changed that and select clones are produced in big quantities for showy pot plants.

      My favorite style is slipper-shaped, which are seldom grown.

      The hybrid by Charlene Marietti, Sinningia ‘Pristine’, was selected for tissue culture propagation and will be showing up soon.

      It is pink with many flowers possible.

      You’ll like it, too!

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