Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Will 'Cindy-ella' Return from the Past?

Sinningia 'Cindy-ella'
Story # 66,

      Sinningia ‘Cindy-ella’ is a plant I learned about some 40 years ago.  In the house plant boom of the 70's, plant shops sprang up on every street corner.  Gesneriads were among the hundreds of collector plants that people looked for.  Mini Sinningias were produced as rapidly as possible.

      S. ‘Cindy-ella’ was one that came true from seed which made it easily producible.  The original hybrid was S. ‘Cindy’, a cross between concinna and eumorpha. Since ‘Cindy’ was sterile it was doomed to slow propagation by division, tip cuttings and leaf rooting.

      Through the use of the mutation chemical, colchicine, a tetraploid version was created which restored fertility.  Through this particular technique, the seed produced by self-pollinating ‘Cindy-ella’ are identical to the parent.  A seed pod may have 40 – 60 seed.

      ‘Cindy-ella’ flowers easily and has pretty, slipper-shaped, spotted flowers.  It’s a good one.

      Will it return from the past?

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