Saturday, June 23, 2012

Commission me, Part II

Streptocarpus 'Cape Essence'
Story # 34, Part II

Commission me!

      What would it be worth to you to get to have the very first release of a new Streptocarpus or Sinningia? sends me e-mails announcing new books for my Kindle. Often I read the reviews and get interested in ordering it, when I finally notice that it won’t be released until some future date.  That usually stops me since I want it now, not next week.  Since they can’t run out of e-book copies, why do I need to reserve one ahead of time?

      Physical goods are different.  There is a finite limit to how many are first available.  When xSinvana ‘Heartland’s Maverick’ first came out of tissue culture and was for sale in flower, did anyone care?

      Everybody likes the new and different.  If I had heard about a new plant, I would try to get it and expect to pay a premium for it.

      If a new plant was commissioned and successfully produced, that would be a very big deal and some people would pay a lot to get the first ones.

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