Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sinningia 'Colorado Sunset' ---- Orange flowers on dark green foliage.

Sinningia 'Colorado Sunset' grown by Jon Lindstrom
Story # 26,

      Sinningia ‘Colorado Sunset’ ----- Orange flowers on dark green foliage. 

      Sinningia ‘Colorado Sunset’ was selected for production to be a showstopper.  Orange is a bright color.  Bright is good!  It is capable of getting many flowers open at once and putting on a show to attract the eye from a distance.

      In a Table Top Garden this bright orange can be contrasted against green ferns and bronze Begonias.  If we had white it would even be brighter.

      Sinningia ‘Paper Moon’ has been overlooked because it is a neutral off-white and it is seldom seen.  Maybe it should be revived and used in combination plantings with ‘Colorado Sunset’ or the red ‘Prudence Risley’

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