Thursday, May 31, 2012

Table Top Gardens

Table Top Gardens with Kalanchoe and Begonia
 Story # 26, 

      ‘Table Top Gardens’

      For years I tried to find a better name for the old ‘dish’ garden idea.

      Florists have sold dish gardens forever.  They are usually a collection of foliage plants planted together in a decorative ceramic pot.  They are sold as a gift item for those who want a present to last longer than cut flowers.

      There was a period when the term ‘European Garden’ was promoted.  It was a low container where flowering plants were added to a mix of foliage plants.  These are very colorful and are still sold, with or without, the European Garden name.

      ‘Table Top Garden’ is the perfect name for the category.

      I saw the term used in a trade magazine and decided that this is the perfect name for a low container with a combination of plants.  ‘Table Top Garden’ can work for indoor table decorations and for outdoor mixed planters that could fit on a picnic table.

      Both Sinningias and Streptocarpus can be used for the color plants in ‘Table Top Gardens’.

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  1. thank you for entertaining and humoring me today....Rebekah