Friday, May 25, 2012

Nothing can be sold until it has a name and a use!

Table Top Garden with Begonias
Story # 23,

      Nothing can be sold until it has a name and a use!

      The names Streptocarpus and Sinningia are not commonly known, but if you do learn about them, then you have a new category in mind.  We think of Chrysanthemums as Fall color and Roses for very special events.  Annuals are planted in the Spring and perennials come up every year.

      So what is a Streptocarpus or Sinningia for?

     They are not winter hardy nor indestructible so they fall into the houseplant or patio pot category.  As a houseplant, plant people want to learn how to grow  them forever.  Causal consumers just want pretty things for temporary use.

     A common question in plant selection is:  ‘Will this fit in my nice ceramic pot that I have at home?’  Decorative pots need refilling.  A Streptocarpus is great for that.  A Sinningia is lower and smaller so they can work for Table Top Gardens in combination with Begonias and Ferns.

     More Streptocarpus and Sinningias would be sold if we knew what to do with them.

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