Thursday, May 3, 2012

Innovation is so easy in horticulture!

Streptocarpus shown by GreenFuse as experimental

Story # 14, Part I

            All you need is time, money and talent.

            Through plant breeding, hundreds of new varieties are introduced by commercial plant companies at the national plant trials and trade shows.  In the top three crops of Poinsettia, Chrysanthemum and Geranium, the completion is stiff.  Breakthroughs are less common because of previous intensive breeding programs.

            However, in minor crops, like Streptocarpus and Sinningias, the chance of developing a new, different and maybe better plant is easy.  Streptocarpus hybrids can be made in less than a year and Sinningias even faster.  Evaluations are done quickly.  If the new hybrid looks different, it can be released and let the public decide.

            The new or different always creates interest.

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