Friday, May 11, 2012

What is the perfect Streptocarpus of the future, Part III

Streptocarpus 'Jealous Heart' grown by Jon Lindstrom
Story # 17, Part III,

            What is the perfect Streptocarpus of the future?

            Streptocarpus wilts when the temperature is over 85 degrees F., even if watered.  Many growers, not knowing this, have rushed to water the wilted plant when it does not need water.  It needs cool.

            Many experienced hobbyist are disappointed that they can not keep Streptocarpus alive during the heat of the summer.  Global warming or not, we usually have periods of 100+  degrees every summer in Pennsylvania.

            Last summer I observed that S. ‘Jealous Heart’ did not wilt down in the two weeks of 100 degree heat. So by dumb luck, I discovered at least one clone that has heat tolerance.  If this is transferable, then we can create a series of heat tolerant Streptocarpus.

            This could be a ten year project but it could help make Streptocarpus the next ‘Big’ thing.  At present commercial growers do not attempt to finish Streptocarpus crops in the summer time.

            Heat tolerance could change everything. 

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