Sunday, May 13, 2012

What is the perfect Streptocarpus for the future, Part IV

Streptocarpus 'Rose Halo' from Dibley's
Story # 17, Part IV,

            What is the perfect Streptocarpus for the future, Part IV?

            When picking an order for delivery to a retail store, I pick the plants with the most flowers open and the most buds showing.  The idea is that the customer will see the flower that they like and have the buds open at their house.

            The problem with this strategy is that the Streptocarpus may never get bought in the first place since it is not showy Now.  The ‘Flush’ characteristic solves this.  To have many flowers open at once is a good thing.  If they hold up nicely in the house then we will call it success.

            Next we would like it to reflower.  Now that we have gone from ideal greenhouse conditions to infinitely different and variable home conditions, reflowering is uncertain.

            A flush of flowers that hold on tight for several weeks is more important than continuous flowering.

            If we can have both, then we have something.

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