Sunday, June 10, 2012


Sinningia 'Kristobel' with first buds!

Story # 31,


      There is excitement when you see a plant flower for the first time.  Hybridizing plants is the ultimate game of anticipating that first flower because it is truly unknown what it will look like.

      The case of Sinningia ‘Kristobel’ is half way there.  Although not common, a few people have seen it flower and we have a picture of a well grown plant.  The anticipation here is seeing how plantlets grown from tissue culture will turn out.  So far they are budding on short young plants.  If the bud count continues to build as it grows, it is going to be a spectacular plant.

      You can anticipate that I will show the progress of S. ‘Kristobel’.

      Check in occasionally.

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