Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sinningia 'Paper Moon' is coming back!

Sinningia 'Paper Moon' grown by Gary's Specialty Plants
Story # 28,

      Sinningia ‘Paper Moon’ is coming back!

      Actually, ‘Paper Moon’ was never here in the first place.

      This hybrid Sinningia selected by John Boggan is a cross of S. pusilla ’White Sprite’ and the species S. schiffneri.  S. schiffneri is described as getting few flowers, so ‘Paper Moon’ must have gotten all of its flower power from ‘White Sprite’.   I see flower clusters of 6 – 8 flowers per leaf axil.  This should allow for a very long flowering period.

      In most series of promoted plants, white is the weak sister ----you need some but not many.  White Petunias are the staple to go against red Geraniums, but solid white is seldom used.  An exception is made if somehow a gardener learns that white Impatiens are the last color to fade into the evening’s darkness.


                Remember ------- Nothing is sold until it has a name and a use!

      S. ‘Paper Moon’ has a main stem with the flowers coming out from under the canopy of leaves.  It is a cute little plant that may find its place in Table Top Gardens, planted with more shocking colors.

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