Saturday, June 9, 2012

What's a Blog?

BIS -- Sinningia 'Georgia Peach'

Story # 30,

 What’s a Blog?

      I admit that I could not guess what the term Blog evolved from. 

      When I found that it was from ‘weB log’ it makes sense, but I still could  have never guessed it.

      Recently I was asked what a military ration is called.  I had K-ration, C-ration and MRE.

      So what’s a MRE?  Meals Ready what?  The military has initials for everything.  The deceptive trick is they leave words out.  Meals Ready to Eat.

     In my Air Force days I was continually sent on short assignments away from home base.  To be going ‘TDY’ was so commonly used that the original words were forgotten----  Temporary DutY.  Not to be confused with going 'PCS'------- Permanent Change of Station.

     Blog is a verb or a noun as in: I blog a Blog!

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