Thursday, June 21, 2012

Commission me!

Streptocarpus 'Silvia'

Story # 34,

Commission me!

      Everyone wishes that: ‘If I only had the money I would do xxxxxxx. ' 

      The lottery is self-sustaining.  It's worth playing just because somebody always wins and it might be you.  The biggest payouts get the most players even though the odds of winning are statistically the same whether you buy a ticket or not--------approaching zero.

      If I had a million dollars I would hybridize Gesneriads full time.

      Established craftsmen or book writers, who have earned a reputation from a life time of work, sometimes get commissioned to create new ‘Art’.  With an advance, the theory is that a talented artist can create without worrying about making a living.

      If someone commissioned me to give them a different Streptocarpus, I could do that in one year.  If it needed to be different and better, that might take three years.  If it needed to be the best ever, that would take a lifetime.

      The odds of someone commissioning me to create a Streptocarpus or winning the lottery are about the same.

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