Friday, November 2, 2012

'half-pint' Poinsettias are coming soon...

'half-pint' Poinsettia
Story # 68,

     ‘half-pint’ Poinsettias were introduced at Longwood Gardens Plant Shop last Christmas.

      The idea was to create a new size that customers would see as filling a need for small Poinsettias for small spaces.

     There was no need to compete with the very mini Poinsettias produced by Holtkamp’s Greenhouse in Nashville.  These are very cute and sell easily.

      The category in commercial production called 4” Poinsettias are usually in      4 ½” pots and branched to be smaller versions of the ubiquitous 6” pot that are the standard in the trade. (always wanted to have a use for the word ubiquitous).

      We wanted something that was smaller than a 4” and bigger than the 2’”minis.

      The name ‘half-pint’ was picked to suggest small and cute.  Many who grew up watching ‘Little House on the Prairie’ may remember Laura Ingalls’ little sister---- half-pint.

      A separate fact that’s not obvious is that this 3 ½” pot size holds one cup of dirt by volume-------- a ‘half-pint’.

     Several novelty varieties are being grown as single flowers or branched.

      Novelties like Jingle Bells, Cinnamon Star, Marble and Winter Rose will be there.

     But Ruby Frost and Ice Punch are the most popular.

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