Friday, January 25, 2013

Is there something going on here?

Miniature Garden with arbor

Story # 86,

Is there something going on here?

      Since I have a line of small plants selected for miniature gardens and terrariums, I have been watching for new types to add to production

      From one source in Florida, the grower states that they can not fill every new order for miniature plants due to the high demand.  They caution that you may have to be on a waiting list for product unless you are pre-booked for the Spring.

      Is this marketing hype or an honest appraisal of increased demand for miniature garden plants? 

 Assuming this is true, is there an upturn in the demand curve for small plants?

      So why not make more ---- faster?  The correct selected plants have their own challenges.   Because they are selected to be compact plants, the stock plants yield slowly, also.

      Can the trend be determined from a few clues?

      No.  But information will never be complete, so…

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