Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Miniature Garden umbrella can cover a lot.

Miniature Garden with houseplants
Story # 85,

The Miniature Garden umbrella can cover a lot.

      We have a lot of terms floating around ------ Dish Garden, Table Top Garden, European Garden, Fairy Garden, Gnome Garden, and Miniature Garden— indoor and outdoor.

      My conclusion is that Miniature Garden can include them all.

      Table Top Garden is a better name for Dish Garden and European Garden.  Miniature Garden is more inclusive than Fairy Garden and Gnome Garden.

      Miniature Garden could cover them all.  The only division left is indoor or outdoor.  A small garden display that can tolerate freezing temperatures and wind is very special and difficult.

      The winner of words is Miniature Garden with houseplants.  Of course, house plants can be put outside in summer, but acclimating plants to abrupt change in environment going out (Spring) or in (Fall) has its own set of problems.

      My Miniature Gardens will be indoor with houseplants.

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