Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The clues are getting stonger...

Miniature Garden shown at Philadelphia Flower Show - 2013
 Story # 97,

      The Miniature Garden trend may bring houseplants back into the house.  Pretty subtle?

      Let’s define a houseplant as a plant that is part of the decorating of a room.  It is maintained by watering as needed and will be replaced if needed.  It will not be eliminated, as 99% of all houseplants have been in recent years.

      Flowering pot plants are serving as temporary color in homes and show up at holidays.  The exception may be Orchids and Bromeliads which have a very long self-life.

      If a gardener takes time to build a Miniature Garden, there will be an incentive to watch it and maintain it with live plants.  Some plants may need to be replaced.  The market for ‘Mini’ Plants will continue to expand.

                Houseplants are coming back!

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