Monday, July 1, 2013

100 Years old.

Story # 108,

100 Years old.

      My Mother would have been 100 years old today.  Ida Ferne (Irey) Hunter was born July 1, 1913.  Her parents were George and Ora Irey.  She lived to be 94 years and 10 days.

      Mom was a Farmer’s wife and raised my sister, Joan, and me on a 200 acre farm in Washington County, Pennsylvania.  We joke now that we were poor, we just never knew it.  But we always had everything we needed.  Dad was tied to the farm with twice a day milking and field work.   It was Mom who found a way to get us to activities like 4-H, Little League Baseball, Vacation Bible School or Cub Scouts.

      After Dad died young, Mom had to survive on her own for half of her life.  Somehow she was able to go to Commercial College to make her more qualified as an office clerk at the feed store and later at the Washington Hospital.

       In retirement she was always busy with local activities and volunteering at the hospital or Bethel Church.   As she got older with health issues, somehow she would always bounce back.  She was tough because she had to be.

      We miss her.

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  1. Great story, thanks for sharing.
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