Monday, July 22, 2013

The trade show report

Streptocarpus 'Yellow Purple Cap' from Green Fuse

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The trade show report

      The largest horticultural trade show in the United States had many interesting trends going on last week in Columbus, Ohio.

      Well, trends that I care about anyway.  Miniature Gardens – up, Succulents – up, New plants – always, People that care about the plant industry – always.

      From Green Fuse, the only national importer/promoter of Streptocarpus, there are two new bicolor varieties.  Selected from Dibley’s Greenhouse, the world’s leading hybridizer of Streptocarpus, they are more interesting than the previous introductions.  The names are bazaar—‘Yellow Purple Cap’ and ‘Yellow Pink Cap’ but the plants will sell once we get them this winter.

      Although I’ve only recently looked for succulents, the category is expanding with an infinite variety of shapes, colors and forms.  Off-shore farms are producing these by the millions to help supply the demand for these care-free plants.

      The Miniature Garden segment (Lloyd Traven says it’s been going on too long to be called a trend) has some new players and all vendors said they increased over last year.  The accessories (trinkets) are infinitely more varied.  For example, a water- feature with moving water (electric pump).

      Mark, a new vendor for compact houseplants showed for the first time and was basically overwhelmed with interest.  He has 100 potential plants from years of selective plant collecting.  I hope to get some of them.

      I found a new Nematanthus that has creamy variegation that has never been seen before.  There will be a future story once more details are known.

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  1. I just bought a 'Yellow Purple Cap' from a local nursery. I'm trying to figure out which Dibley variety it corresponds to. I'm thinking it might be 'Harlequin Blue', but I'm not sure. Any thoughts?