Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What are the 'half-pints' doing?

Poinsettia 'Tapestry'

Story # 117,

            The ‘half-pint’ Poinsettias will be appearing soon at Longwood Garden’s Plant Shop for the third year.  The original concept was to offer a Poinsettia slightly bigger than the miniatures from Holtkamp’s’ Greenhouse.

            Customers seem to like the idea of a small plant for small spaces.  We have many of the novelty colors, like ‘Marble’, ‘Monet’, ‘Winter Rose’, ‘Ice Punch’ and ‘Strawberries N Cream’.

            Around Thanksgiving we can start selling ‘Tapestry’ ---- a variegated leaf with red flowers.  I’m told that we will not need full color.  You decide?
            A new red – ‘Advent Red’ is being watched to see if it will be the first to reach full color before Thanksgiving. 

                                                         Poinsettia 'Advent Red'

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