Saturday, December 13, 2014

Overheard about Primulina

 Story # 146,

            These are some comments that I've captured from Gesneriphiles, a message board that I follow off and on.  Often the threads are disjointed and fleeting.  I've gathered a few pictures and words from advanced hobbyist about Primulina ---- Asian Violets, like an African Violet, but better!

            “Primulina ‘Loki’ is one of my favorite Peter Shalit hybrids.  I love the foliage shape and markings.  I’m growing this in part soil mix and part hydroponic rocks.”
Karyn Cichocki

Primulina 'Loki' Grown by Karyn Cichocki

Primulina 'Loki' grown by Karyn Cichocki

Primulina 'Rachel' grown by Karyn Cichocki

                                "Another of my favorite Primulina hybrids".

Primulina liboensis White Veined grown by Jim Roberts

       "Agree that Loki is at the peak of the hybrid list. But Primulina liboensis White Veined is at the top of the species list. The peduncle's haven't elongated yet, but the first flower of this cycle is poking out. Foliage is wonderful. "   
                                                                                      Jim Roberts

Primulina 'Loki' grown by Paul Susi

            “It's mine and has striking red/purple markings on the leaves. It is about 12" from two t8 tubes.

                                                                                  Paul Susi


  1. What fabulous plants - so much better than Streptocarpus! Where can I obtain Primulina Loki, Liboensis White Veined, etc, to augment my growing Primulina collection? (I live in Spain)

  2. Peter,
    International shipping of plants is difficult but you could try to see if they ship to Spain.
    I grew and promoted Streptocarpus for 40 years. Now I think that Primulina is a better houseplant – not as a flowering plant but as a foliage plant. It can take hot and cold, sun or shade, and can be dry without harm. Asian Violets will become more common.