Wednesday, January 28, 2015

There's a whole lot of consumin' going on out there!

The Snickers Impulse

Story # 152,

            I now know of two Florida foliage growers who are each shipping over 10,000 small pots a week to wholesale customers nationally.

 Why are gardeners buying these huge quantities of small plants (under 3” pot size)?

I ask everybody who is involved with small plants what they think is happening here.  Nothing is sold unless it has a name and a use.  The ‘use’ is the unknown.

I talked with Ray Roberts and his son Matt Roberts of Central Florida Ferns, who are a major force in producing small plants.  Their impression is that affordability and cuteness is the motivation for sales.  They are used in mini gardens, terrariums and as gifts.

Matt says it’s like the ‘Snickers’ bar at the checkout.  The impulse is --- It’s not much cost and you gotta have one.

It just may be as simple as that!

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