Sunday, May 29, 2016

Comments worth sharing...

Primulina 'Chastity'- hybrid by John Boggan
      Comments on Blogs are often overlooked, so I’m copying these into the lead.

            From John Boggan, a plantsman, who has introduced several Primulina hybrids.

“This is the beauty of primulinas, and why I think they have a lot of potential as commercial house plants: the foliage is so beautiful, even without flowers, and they are just so easy to grow.

            My response is if you want something to happen, tell your friends.

I think that the testing is complete. Primulina can survive as a houseplant. Now it will be the ramp-up stage. Can the distribution gain any traction? Will the supply be able to find any demand?
Initially it will be friends telling friends to try one.”

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