Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Watched Pot...

Primulina yungfuensis-Propagation - 8 weeks

  The watched pot never boils. 

         From three leaves to twenty plants to a hundred small leaves, I’ve been trying to propagate Frosted Jade as fast as possible.  I used small leaves because that’s all I had.  They rooted but I was unsure if any plantlets would come up.  So I looked at them every day.  Nothing --- until I was away and didn’t look at them for days.

            Almost all the small leaves have babies coming up.  It’s almost too good to be true.  This species of Primulina has everything good going for it --- distinctive, stunning variegated foliage on a vigorous plant.  And now, one more feature --- rapid and easy propagation.

            By Fall, I’ll have several hundred salable plants.  And most likely, I’ll have small plants for the July Gesneriad convention in Wilmington DE. 

            You must have one of these Frosted Jade plants.  Prove to yourself that this is an amazing find.  From a weed in China to successful houseplant.

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