Sunday, August 28, 2016

Anthurium 'Small Talk' - The Experiment

Anthurium 'Small Talk' Pink

Anthurium ‘Small Talk’ --- The Experiment

            An experiment involves asking a question and testing a hypothesis.

            The question is:  Can Anthurium ‘Small Talk’ be produced here and sold at a profit?  This is not an off-the-wall trial.  Anthurium ‘Small Talk’ is an established dwarf variety produced by tissue culture by Oglesby in Florida.  The varieties of Pink and Red are selections from their own hybridization project.

            Anthuriums were always thought to be uneconomical to be grown in the North due to long crop time.  But now there is major production in Ohio and Southern Canada.  I wanted to find out if they can be finished in my 6.5 cm pot for my ‘Mini’ plant mix.

            The secret that needs to get out is that Anthurium flowers last for months making it a good value.

            The first group is starting to show first flower after 6 months.  They have been in 6.5 cm pots and could be sold that way.  But the Pink has gotten bigger leaves and proportionately looks better in a 3 ½” clay pot as shown.

            The first 8 have been sold.  We still don’t know if this is going to work??

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