Sunday, February 18, 2018

Can you tell the difference?

Primulina 'Silver Frosted Jade' - comparison
Top --- 'Silver Frosted Jade'  - Leaf propagations from a silver mutation of yunguensis

Bottom --- yungfuensis - Leaf propagations from the original yungfuensis

          So far, I see no difference?

          Is this a chimera?

Will I have to start studying the botany of chimeras?  And studying the propagation of chimeral plants?

          It's too soon to say.  Hopefully, the top plants will grow out with silver leaves.


  1. Maybe a tiny bit more silver in the top ones, but a bit disappointing considering how nice the original one looked.

  2. Yes, I'm hoping that when the leaves expand that the silver leaves take over. Otherwise, the new interesting clone will only be propagated by division. It will be a rare collector's plant then.