Friday, April 19, 2019

The Real Test

Happy Plant Buyer

            After unloading my plants at Strange’s Garden Center in Richmond, I observed a customer selecting three of my plants.

            I wanted to find out the ‘Why’, so I asked her-----

            She was holding two of our ‘hot’ plants --- Pilea peperomioides and Peperomia polybotrya ‘Raindrop’.

            I asked if she knew about these plants before she came there.  “Well, a little, but no.  I like these and I want to learn about them.”

            She also bought two nice ceramic pots to put them in.  There was a discussion about holes or no holes in the pot.

            Later, I happened to see her at the cash register and thought she needs to be in a blog story.  So, I asked her permission for her picture.

            She was very pleasant, and I met a real plant buyer who picked the ‘hot’ varieties because she liked them.


  1. That third plant looks like callisia?

  2. Yes, Callisia repens variegata

    The blue tag is missing but it could be our plant. We call ours 'Pink Jewel'

    1. Where do I got to buy plants from you? Silent Hawk...SunSwept Studio