Sunday, November 17, 2019

'Silver Glory' String of Hearts

'Silver Glory' - credit web image
‘Silver Glory’

            Who knew?

            I had a reader ask how many kinds of String of Hearts there are?  At the time, I thought it was one and only, Ceropegia woodii, String of Hearts.

            Then a sister plant showed up ---- Ceropegia linearis woodii ---- now called ‘Heartless’ String of Daggers.  The demand for this is endless.

            Luckily, the internet allows new ideas and pictures to flow around the world instantly.  I looked at the right time and found ‘Silver Glory’ String of Hearts.  The heart shaped leaves are solid silver on the outside giving a distinctive look ---- different from the traditional green and silver.

            Assuming that ‘Silver Glory’ will be stable in propagation, this will be a winner.

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  1. There is also the Variegated version and one solid green variety called Orange River. Not completely certain, but I think ‘String of Needles’ or Ceropegia linearis is also now classified as a variety on the woodii.