Sunday, March 29, 2020

I'll take a million of those.

String of Dolphins in demand

I’ll take a million of those.

            I was reading a story about Hydrangeas and how hybridizers are adding new colors and shapes to this niche.

            I was stunned by the comment that a box-store buyer ordered one million of a new Hydrangea for next year.

            Is this even possible?  There is the commitment and the risk.  If you could find 10 big growers who would plant 100,000, you could have a million.  Where will the stock plants come from?

            In my world of minor houseplants, a million is not a number worth talking about.

            Our top selling plant for 2019 was String of Dolphins.  In all sizes, we grew and sold about 10,000.  That is 990,000 less than a million.

            If someone wanted a million Primulina ‘Loki’ ---  the best Asian Violet, there would be a lot of laughing.

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